Functions of Non-governmental Organizations

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Non-governmental organizations are non-governmental and non-profitable organizations that work strategically for a mission to support humanity and objects of common social good. These organizations are voluntary associations of people and communities that work at different levels including regional, state, national, and international. The non profit organizations list helps the interested parties know the legit organizations and which ones are not. At all levels, the strategies and methodologies may differ, but all work towards a common goal of meeting people’s need in the best possible ways.

General information


PartnershipsNGOs have their partnership with various government organizations, private companies, or public firms. They have volunteers who help the common people to fulfill the basic needs to live a life full of self- esteem. It does not only contributes to strengthening the canvas of civil societies but also helps reduce the existing status gap.

There are many significant Functions of non-governmental organizations. Some of them are below.


  • Non-governmental organizations help resolve many community problems and play a major managerial role within the society.
  • Involves various citizens in taking part in a public decision so that the outcome is accepted and enjoyed by all in the society.
  • NGOs address and express the needs, interests, and desires of the community groups in front of the specified authorities.


  • They also help to intermediate the relation between citizens and various official authorities.
  • They promote diversity, humanity, and tolerance in the society.
  • They help to strengthen the social, cultural, ethnic, and religious ethics.
  • Non-governmental organizations motivate citizens to point out for the rights and take necessary initiatives for their good.
  • These organizations also help in the advancement of science and technology.


  • They foster expression of thought and creativity of mind to give new dimensions to art and culture
  • They facilitate the social and political integration of people in the society.

These organizations also assist in the growth of technology and technology

  • NGOs identify various problems and issues existing in the society and take necessary steps to resolve them. It helps decrease the existing status gap.
  • They organize various programs and conduct seminars to promote education, teach income generating strategies, and create general awareness among the citizens.
  • NGOs play a significant role in helping people who are devoid of necessities either due to poverty or because of some natural calamity

Poverty levels

networkingNinety percent of the world’s society lives below the poverty lines. That is more visible in developing countries. There are a significant number of schemes that were created by the federal government to enrich the lives of the unlucky and the underprivileged. Around the federal government of Countries are supporting the downtrodden and the underprivileged, Non-Governmental Organizations add an equal strategy.

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