Experience an Exciting Accommodation Without Breaking the Bank

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Most of the time, an exciting accommodation is one of the major things that travelers look forward to. But the truth is that many people shy away from taking holidays simply because they think they’re too expensive; what’s more, an accommodation usually requires saving up for a significant amount of time beforehand.

If the potential cost of a holiday has been prohibiting you from considering a trip in the first place, then we have some advice for you.

When planning  a budget

froggThe first thing to keep in mind when planning a budget accommodation is that there are countless fantastic deals available out there – you just need to find them. That said, it’s often worth your time to shop around for hotel and flight deals.

Alternatively, you can look into last minute deals; many comprehensive travel sites offer remarkable last minute deals at high-quality hotels.

However, this option is usually ideal for those who are interested in taking a weekend break, as you’ll often need to be prepared for travel within a few days of the booking.

Part of planning a budget

Another vital part of planning a budget accommodation is to consider the activities in which you can partake; keep in mind that you do not have to spend a great deal of money to have fun.

Sightseeing, for instance, is one of the best ways to experience your holiday destination – and it’s usually free. Get a map of the area you’ll be visiting and plan out a walking tour, making sure you highlight all the key attractions; or rent a bike and ride around the city, town or village.

Searching destination

It’s also well worth doing a bit of research on your destination before you travel. If you’re an art buff, for example, find out if there are any free museums, galleries or exhibits to visit. And depending on where you’ll be traveling to, you might be able to find parks or natural preserves through which you can hike, bicycle or walk.

While the ideas above are well worth considering when planning a budget accommodation, none are as vital as flexibility. Keep your options open when it comes to how you travel, where you stay, and even when picking your destination.

 Idea of traveling

destinationIf you’re open and flexible to the idea of traveling anywhere in Spain, for example, you’re more likely to find a deal quicker than if your mind is set on traveling to Barcelona. On a budget accommodation, you may not be able to splurge on expensive dinners or hotels – but that doesn’t mean that you can’t have a good time.

So start planning your budget accommodation today: you’ll be surprised at what a little bit of time, flexibility and, most importantly, spontaneity can provide you with.

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Important tips for backpackers

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Backpacking can be done with people of all ages as it offers an ideal way to see the world, save money and make friends along the way.

Typically, backpackers avoid expensive hotels in city centers, and opt for campsites, hostels, or cheap bed & breakfast hotels. If your one of this, then read on as this article will save you money and help make your traveling safer and more enjoyable. The following are important tips for backpackers. Take a look at the backpacking checklist too.

Research before the journey

It’s always a good idea to thoroughly research the journey using the internet and some well-chosen guidebooks from a library or bookshop. If possible, talk to others who have taken the same route.

Take two credit cards and keep one aside for emergency use only.

frogKeep the emergency card hidden inside your clothing somewhere so that if your belongings are stolen, you still have your emergency card.

Carry mobile phone

Carry a mobile phone for calling home or for use in the event of an emergency. Failing that, always carry a phone card (e.g. an AT&T card), so that at the very least you can phone home or make an emergency call.

Send an email home regularly if you can get to an internet cafe. That way, your folks back home will know where you last traveled and where you are planning to go, if something happens to you.

Have up to date insurance

Always make sure your travel insurance is up to date and that you know the emergency telephone number to claim insurance.

Avoid expensive materials

Avoid taking expensive jewels, watches, rings or other valuables. They attract muggers. Buy a cheap ‘throw-away’ watch for the trip.

travelingLearn about cultural differences in the regions where you will be traveling. For instance, you may be able to wear shorts in Western Europe, but this may cause offense in some other countries of the world.

Try to avoid traveling at night, or walking alone in back streets or isolated places (applies to both men and women).

Look out for other backpackers who may be going your way. Travel with them if you can as there is safety in numbers. Also, it may make your journey more enjoyable.

Get a high-pitched attack alarm for emergencies. This is always a good thing to have, especially for women.

Take essential medication with you.

If you need regular medication of any sort, do not rely on being able to buy it abroad. Sometimes brand names of medicines change from country to country. Also, acquiring medication may be problematic if there are language barriers.

Put the medication in clearly marked bottles, carry a separate list of your medical requirements plus a letter from your doctor confirming your prescribed medication. This will help to minimize unwanted attention at customs.

Pack a spare toothbrush and dental floss when backpacking. Dental floss is useful for all sorts of things apart from teeth, such as a temporary broken strap or shoe lace, or to tie items together). Reduce all toiletries, insect repellent, sun lotion, etc. to a minimum and replenish your needs as you travel.

As you travel, always be aware of what is going on around you, especially in crowded places, such as markets, airports, busy streets, and stations.

Here’s an easy way to make your backpack thief proof from slashers (thieves who cut through your backpack to steal without your knowledge). Line the inside of your backpack with chicken wire (use a very fine soft mesh which can be attached at key points using needle and thread).

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