What is Shatter Weed? – What You Ought To Know

shatter weed

Whether you are a novice or an experienced marijuana smoker, if you want to go for ultimate high, then you should go for shatter weed. Maybe you have heard that this cannabis concentrate contains over 93% of cannabis-derived compounds. Buy ganga online for the most potent range of weed products. Before you go for it, there is a need to know some important things concerning it.

Over 90% of Cannabis-derived Compounds

cannabis foliageIt is quite stunning to get over 90% marijuana-derived compounds in a single dose. You should note that shatter weed is a result of expert breeding, and the typical plant has increased its potency. In fact, it is common for typical weed to have THC concentrations of more than 20%. If you want a hard-hitting experience with the weed, going for 20% is not sufficient. That explains why some marijuana lovers have turned to a wide range of marijuana concentrates. As awesome as they may look, you should understand that there are no marijuana concentrates that pack as much as shatter weed.

Wax Versus Shatter

The truth is that marijuana wax is quite potent. In fact, it is up there with shatter. However, there are some differences between the two. For instance, the wax is easier to work with, but it is not stable. Also, shatter has a long shelf life, and it tends to degrade at a faster rate. Also, shatter tends to be a stable concentrate and a bit harder to work with.

The primary differences between wax and shatter concentrate are based on the manner in which they are processed. Wax is known to require a lot of mixing, agitation, and shaking, whereas shatter does not need any of that. Rather, it requires only evaporation and extraction using an industrial solvent.

Shatter Versus Weed

In the early 2000s, the marijuana industry was quite stable, and most users were content to smoke hash or weed. However, in the mid-2000s, a lot of people began dabbing. In this case, the difference between shatter and weed gets down to convenience, discrete use, and potency.

CBD Shatter

weed productThis is another important category of shatter. In this case, it contains only CBD or cannabidiol. Recent studies have shown that it is CBD that has most of the medical or medicinal benefits of cannabis. Thus, if you want to get relief from pain, depression, nerve issues, anxiety, and other ailments, you should go for CBD shatter. The primary difference between CBD shatter and regular cannabis is that it does not contain THC.

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