Beginner’s Tips for Enjoying Magic Mushrooms

a magic mushroom in the forest

If you are new to shrooms, you need to prepare yourself for your first magic mushrooms trip. It is an inner trip that is a beautiful experience like no other. However, it requires you to know what to expect and how to handle things in another world. First, you must start by having your dose of magic mushroom, and for a start, you need just a few grams. When I took my first mushrooms trip, I Bought 3.5g of strong psilocybes from this online dispensary. And that was more than enough.

Below are some tips that will be useful as you take your first trip:

Get a Safe and Secure Place

safe and secure placeFor an excellent first mushroom trip, a homely environment is critical where you are at ease and know how to get your way around. Once you take your dose, the surroundings will change a big deal; hence being in a familiar place is vital. The area you choose to be as you enjoy the shrooms can work for you or against you, so make the right choice. Besides, your movements will be minimal during the mushroom trip, and getting from point A to B may not be easy, so be somewhere you may not have to move.

Consume the Right Amount of Magic Mushrooms

consume the right doseYou must ensure you do not overdose on shrooms. While fatalities due to magic mushrooms are very rare, and the few that occur are mostly due to accidents, you could find yourself caught up in a long period of wild hallucinations, and time will seem to have stopped. When determining your correct dosage, some factors that influence the quantity include the type of mushrooms, your body weight, your sensitivity, and others.

Typically, 1 gram of psilocybin cubensis is the right dose for an adult. The rule of thumb for consuming the shrooms is to start with a little amount and wait for several hours. After that, gradually increase your dosage to the recommended quantity for the particular batch and your liking or optimal effect.

Eat the Mushrooms on an Empty Stomach

Because magic mushrooms can make you feel nauseous, it would help if you consume them on an empty stomach or an almost empty stomach. You want to avoid a scenario where you could find yourself sitting or lying somewhere for a couple of hours while nauseated.

As you can see, proper preparation before your mushroom trip is crucial so you do not end up not enjoying the experience or making some blunders you could have avoided if you were well informed.

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