There is a huge difference between flying by charter and scheduled plane. What many fail to understand is that private jet charter los angeles grants a customer three things a scheduled flight can never provide; privacy, flexibility, and efficiency. That said, making a choice on the best charter plane to hire is a toughjet one.

There are many options out there, and rightly so. Airline charter has become increasingly popular for most businesses thanks to the perks outlined above. Consequently, there has been a significant rise in business offering airline or jet charter businesses. To put you through this confusion we have created a guide to hiring the best private jet or plane.

Choosing the right charter operator

Any charter operator or broker you choose should be Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) authorized. You can find these on the web. When doing so ensure they possess the following:

An Air Carrier Certificate

Ensure that the charter company possesses a valid Part 135 certificate authorizing them to carry out air hire services. Ask for a copy if you have to.


Confirm that the aircraft has been audited by at least one of the several companies specialized in auditing charter companies like Wyvern and Aviation Research Group (ARG). The way to do this is to contact the auditing firm directly.

Positive referrals

Any novice to the charter market should first ask around before making a choice. Ask authorities at your local airline about the brokers they would recommend.

Your kind of aircraft

Once you are sure of the right operator, go through the services they provide and type of aircraft they have on offer. Always choose the aircraft that best fits your needs. Remember that small aircraft do not present much room to maneuver. Also, certain models are better suited for long distance flights and vice versa.

 private jetSafety first

Aside from the comforts, the private charter provides, the primary concern to any customer should be security and safety. Read about the security and measures the charter company has imbibed. Find out if they are areas they have failed to cover. Read reviews about the air charter company to form an unbiased opinion on the viability of the charter service.


Going for the cheapest service might be erroneous. Always find the best value for money. Look for the service that provides a balance between the service it provides and the price tag attached to it.