What You Need to Do Before Leaving for a Long Holiday Trip

man with his backpack on a snow

The holiday is coming, and you have packed and been prepared to ride across states. You think all is set, and you are good to go, but for a long trip, you must also think of how the house you leave is going to survive on its own.

Without no one maintaining the house, the dust and waste will be twice as much as if there were a house-keeper. If you leave during winter, once you get back, you will face the broken plumbing and roofs. Massive piles of snow can damage your roof and even collapse the ceiling.

To avoid disasters such as mentioned before, you should think of how the house maintenance is going to be. Read below to learn about it.

Check the building line

Disaster SceneBuilding line is the piping system for gas supply. It facilitates you to make both water and room heaters work. If you use a gas stove, it also relies on the building line.

When you do not use gas for a long time, especially during winter, ice deposit on the pipe can break the gas pipe. If you were to leave for the whole winter, hire a professional plumbing service to do a regular inspection on the gas line.

The first inspection should be done before you leave, and it should be a total check up. If there is a broken pipe, repair it immediately. If the repairment takes a long time, and you cannot afford it, discuss what can be done with the expert. Do not leave your house with the broken gas line because you are at risk of losing your house with the entire things you have inside.

Check your roof

Contractor for HireIf you are from Texas, and you want to skip the entire winter to a tropical island, you should do a total inspection on the roofs. Hire Roofing Company to know your risks and the ways to overcome them. Recently, a winter storm has hit Texas in August 2017 and has caused tremendous loss to residents.

Even drizzles can cause your water to flood your house if the roof drainage is blocked. A professional roofer will check into the details and can sense even the most subtle cracks on the roof shingles. Poorly installed shingles are also prone to gust. You do not want to go back with torn roofs, do you?

Check the electricity

Energy EfficientLeaving the lights on for months due to negligence is not eco-friendly at all. Besides, a short circuit can cause a fire.

Make sure you unplug all the appliances that use electricity, even your refrigerator. If you plan to leave for a month or more, you should have emptied your fridge anyway.

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